Kramer Daniels -- Digital Sushi
Gunner Time Records, 2009
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Kramer Daniels - Digital Sushi
"Digital Sushi," a rhythmic tour-de-force, is the new album from NYC singer/songwriter Kramer Daniels.
Darren drummed on all tracks and produced the recording.

Kramer Daniels - Guitar and Vocals
Dominic Miller - Guitar
Tony Trischka - Banjo
Skip Ward - Acoustic and Electric Bass
Jeff Andrews - Bass
Manolo Badrena - Percussion
Darren Lyons - Drums and Percussion

Track Listing:
1. Running Around
2. Searching
3. One Dimensional Man
4. Try To Die
5. Heart Full Of Fear
6. Memory Lane
7. Persistent Violent Felony Offender
8. Shot
9. Profile
10. Wicker Chair
11. Silent Scream
12. Harmonic
13. Bacon
14. Mere Mortal Man