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Darren Lyons Group + Trio

Darren Lyons Group + Trio
Cat. 003 CD, $20.00


    Darren Lyons Group
  • Darren Lyons-Drums
  • Walter Fischbacher-Keyboards
  • James Leibow-Electric guitar
  • Marc Ensign-Electric bass
  • Ori Kaplan-Alto saxophone
  • Alex Esteban-Percussion
  • Darren Lyons Trio
  • Darren Lyons-Drums
  • Phil Hubbard-Guitar
  • Dave Hamburger-Electric bass

Released in 1998, this self-titled debut CD of the Darren Lyons Group + Trio features two songs from each ensemble. Group recorded at Electric RandyLand, NY. Trio recorded at 96th Street Studio, NYC. Mixed by Dan Kramer at GLC Productions, NYC.

Track Listing:

  1. The Opening
  2. Down
  3. Picks and Pans
  4. Pork Pie Pastorius