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Darren Lyons Trio - Three Trios

Darren Lyons Trio - Three Trios
Cat. 008 CD, $20.00

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Night Dreamer

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  • Darren Lyons-Drums
  • Paul Beaudry-Acoustic Bass
  • Carlton Holmes-Piano
  • Jeremy Manasia-Piano
  • Lou Rainone-Piano
  • Produced by Darren Lyons & Co-Produced by Paul Beaudry

Recorded 2009-2010 at Park West Studio NY. Engineer: Jim Clouse. Mixed by Joe Ferla @ Area 51, NYC. Mastered by Mark Wilder @ Battery Studios / Div. of Sony.

“I have to say my favorite is your take on EVERY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE...I've never heard like that before and Dug it! Your groove on Boplicity makes it an ideal 1st song for this CD. Also love the range of the songlist ,from the 1940s thru the 1960s, from Raincheck to Night Dreamer...never thought a trio could swing Mamacita the way you guys do!”

Rob Crocker

Track Listing:

  1. Boplicity
  2. Mamacita
  3. Night Dreamer
  4. Lonley Woman
  5. Blues for Gwen
  6. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
  7. Raincheck
  8. Prelude to a Kiss
  9. A Beautiful Friendship
  10. Someday My Prince Will Come