darren lyons  



Darren Lyons Group - Evil Genius


  • Darren Lyons-Drums, Wave drum
  • Chad McLoughlin-Guitars
  • David Starck-Keyboards
  • Mark Adamy-Keyboards
  • Skip Ward-Electric bass
  • special guest percussion-Manolo Badrena
  • special guest solo on “Clean” by David Sancious
  • Produced by David Sancious

Recorded 10/05 at Avatar Studios NYC and The TreeHouse, Woodstock, NY. Recorded and mixed by Acadamy Award winning Engineer Lawrence Manchester. Mastered at The Lodge NYC by Emily Lazar. See the review here.

Track Listing:

  1. Sly Remarks
  2. Light in the Dark
  3. Defreshinizer
  4. Murky Brown
  5. The Next Boogie Man
  6. Zero Hour
  7. Mobius Strip Tease
  8. Clean
  9. Light in the Dark - Radio Edit (Bonus Track)