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King Dice, Stairway to 7th

King Dice
King Dice
Washington Square Studios, 2002
Available at KingDiceNYC


  • Ben Santiago-Lead Vocals & Harmonica
  • Joey Harrow-Guitar & Vocals
  • Danny White-Guitar, Bass & Vocals
  • Matthew Fritz-Guitar & Bass
  • Darren Lyons-Drums

First Full Length CD by King Dice with Darren. This is a side project that I do in my time off. Yet another attempt at using the Roland Electric drums.

Track Listing:

  1. Something Good Going On
  2. Getting Me High
  3. One Kind Word
  4. Step on Out
  5. Time Passes
  6. Been a Fool
  7. You Done Lost
  8. Good to you Honey
  9. Rockinitis
  10. Your Turn to Cry