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Darren Lyons Group - Live in NYC


  • Darren Lyons-Drums
  • Chris Biesterfeldt-Guitar
  • Chris Clark-Keyboards
  • Michael O’Brien-Bass
  • Bonus Track (on CD ONLY)
  • Darren Lyons-Drums
  • Chris Clark-Keyboards
  • Chad McLoughlin-Guitar
  • Skip Ward-Bass
  • Special Guest-Adam Holzman-Keyboards
    – Recorded at Sullivan Hall, NYC 10/2013

Recorded 1/2019 & 4/2019 at Club Bonafide, NYC — Recording Engineer: Jeremy Kinney; Mix Engineer: Rick Kwan; Mastering Engineer: Mark Wilder; Vinyl Mastering Engineer: Rick Essig

“The latest Darren Lyons Group Live In NYC is such a welcome respite from a crazy year of isolation and no live music. The journey is a nostalgic evening of incredible Jazz in the atmosphere it belongs and longs for again, the quaint and communal Jazz Club. This Group of exceptional musicians brings all their chops to each track making you long for the days when we could partake in such luxury. A welcome addition to any collection, this is how Jazz should be experienced. Live and full of energy!”

Michelle (Sammartino) Zeto
Jammin' Jazz- Jazz For The New Generation
Friday nights 10pm-Midnight CST
Chicago's Home for Jazz & Blues
Tuesday nights 9pm-11pm CST
Minneapolis’ KBEM Jazz88

Track Listing:

  1. Headshot
  2. Saturnine
  3. Funnels
  4. Cardassia
  5. Bossa Siete
  6. More or Les
  7. Light In The Dark
  8. Clean
  9. Clean: Bonus track